Whether you’re a sports fanatic, or you’re regularly down the gym or you just like the odd kick about with the lads; having the right tools are a must. From High Street brands to the biggest designer labels around, the sports accessories available are endless and picking the right ones can make all the difference to the style of your game.

Have you ever given any thought to what you wear to the gym? To your choice of clothing for a game or the little extra touches that can help you out? From the stylish to the functional; there are a great number of things to choose from that ensure that whatever your sporting endeavours, you look great and have some much needed support!

With so many items to choose from, it is hard to know where to begin. My own list could be endless but I’ve decided on my top three that are an absolute must no matter what the sporting activity…

    • Sports Bag- A good sports bag is a must, particularly one that can hold a change of clothes and equipment and look good (a tatty old bag s never a good look!). Whatever the sport, being involved in a game is the ultimate symbol of manhood but doing so in style is even better. From hold-alls to draw cord bags and even back packs; the options available are endless. You can even mix it up and challenge convention by using something other than your standard boring hold-all. Look at it this way, if women are allowed to wear make up to the gym, we should be able to do anything.
    • Bottle- Whether you want to admit it or not you love pumping iron, running on the track or tackling on the footy pitch. Getting down to it and pushing yourself to the limit is a great way to feel alive but do you know what ruins it all? Getting to the vending machine and realising you don’t have any change for a bottle of water and being left to stand there huffing and puffing like an idiot. Don’t try to be a hero, water is essential so get your hands on a sturdy bottle. Aluminium or plastic, standard or designer believe it or not there are endless options available which will save you the hassle of ever having to get stuck short at the vending machine again.
  • Cap- Particularly crucial for outside sports, a cap is a must for keeping cool. This is one of my personal favourite sports accessories because there really is so much to choose from. With its focus on keeping the head cool and blocking out shade you’ve got some of the biggest mens designers on hand with their own quality collections that you really can’t go wrong with.

In a man’s world sports are a way of life and thanks to the big named designers, high street brands and companies everywhere; we have an abundance of accessories to choose from that can help us do what we do with ease and style.

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