February 18, 2020

India becoming better and better away from home, says the Kiwi pacer Tim Southee

Senior New Zealand campaigner and captain was found appreciating the Indian cricket team whilst reflecting their performance after two straight defeats in the T20Is. India is becoming “better and better” away from home, he said.  New Zealand has lost the 5 match T20I ind vs nz series  with two straight sweeps and one nail biter. […]

Highest Test Cricket Scorers

Cricket, being the national game of England has been liked and supported by people from all around the world. This game needs no introduction has people intentionally or unintentionally come across cricket because of its immense popularity. Cricket is played in 3 different variations such as One-day Internationals (ODI), Test Cricket and Twenty20 Internationals. Test […]

Most Famous Sports all Across the World

when speaking about sports then its important for children because it reduces stress and enhances their mood. It has so many features such as it builds your muscles, improves sleep, healthy bones, increases fitness and the last one is it improves your cooperation skills and more. There are many benefits of sports like you can […]

Top 5 Highest Paid Football Players Europe

European football commands a huge fan following. These leagues are also some of the most lucrative football associations in the world. Naturally, football leagues in Europe have also some of the richest athletes in the history of sports. Here are some of those footballers that made it to the recent Forbes’ list of the wealthiest […]

Types of Cricket Formats across the Globe

When looking at a cricket player’s profile, you may notice that statisticians categorize player statistics according to the type of matches played. For example, international fixtures are recorded separately from games played on domestic circuits. Currently, there are a maximum of six match types on a player profile. However, there are only three primary forms […]